HCM Services

From employee bonus, incentive, assistance and training programs HCM Staffing has become one of the most desirable staffing firms to work for.

As an HCM Employee the following benefits, incentives and programs are offered to you: Short term and Long term Benefits
  • Vacation Time Off
  • Vacation Pay
  • Paid Time Off
  • Holiday Pay
  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
Employee Assistance Programs
  • Day Care Assistance
  • Pre-Employment and On-the-job Training
  • Employee Financial Assistance
  • Education Reimbursement
  • Career Counseling
Employee Incentive Programs
  • Employee of the Month
  • On-time and Attendance Bonuses
  • Project Completion Bonuses
  • Performance Bonuses


Direct Deposit Form
AZ A4 Tax Form
I-9 Form
W4 Tax Form

What is the week ending date?

HCM's work week is from Sunday to Saturday so the week ending date is the Saturday of the week you worked.

How do I sign up for direct deposit?

You can call or email the office and we will email or fax you a direct deposit form. You need to fill out the form and attach a voided check to it. Fax both documents to 602-926-2543. It takes two weeks for the direct deposit to star hitting your account from the time you submit your direct deposit information to us.

When and how are we paid?

Paychecks are delivered to your place of work every Friday morning and no later than 2pm. If you are signed up for direct deposit your pay will be deposited into your account every Friday morning.

What if I am sick or going to be late?

You must call HCM and your manager when you are going to miss a day or be late for work. If you can only make one call you need to call HCM. You can call the office during business hours at 602-262-5627 or our Employee Hotline Toll Free Number 24 hours a day at 1-877-764-8989

Who am I working for?

You are employed by HCM Staffing, Inc. Your paycheck is written and signed by HCM. You are covered for unemployment and workman's compensation insurance by HCM. You receive a W2 for the year that you worked for HCM. You can not work for a client of HCM's for one year from the date of assignment end unless HCM gives permission or employs you at the clients' site.

How long until I go permanent?

Once you have worked 520 hours as an HCM employee while assigned you are eligible for that client to take you permanent. It is up to the client to offer you employment and some clients take you permanent right at the 520 hour mark and some take longer.

Phone: 602-262-JOBS (5627)
HCM Employee Hotline: 877-764-8989
Fax: 602-926-2543
Email: info@goHCM.com
Sales Email: sales@goHCM.com
4600 E. Washington St. Suite 300 Phoenix, AZ 85034

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